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Our customers usually have a series of questions that have become frequently asked. Here we offer you a complete guide with all the doubts you may have:

What is My Own?

My Own is the idea of a married couple who wanted to achieve a novel and incredible design in toothbrushes while taking care of the environment.
We don’t just make toothbrushes, we make magical moments with a strong commitment to respect the planet.
We want everyone to enjoy a different and special moment combined with design and a lifestyle of their own.


Can I personalise my brush?

Yes, we know that there is no other toothbrush like your own style and if you have not seen yourself reflected in our iconic designs, we give you the option to create a completely personalised brush adapted to your lifestyle.

What material are My Own toothbrushes made of?

Our toothbrushes are made of ABS, which gives them great stability and guarantees greater comfort when brushing your teeth.
You may also be interested to know that all our products are approved by standards such as the CE or FDA, which ensures that they are completely free of toxins.

How often should I change my My Own toothbrush?

My Own toothbrushes are suitable for frequent use three times a day for three months, so every three months you should ask for another toothbrush to be sent to take care of your complete oral hygiene.

How stiff are the bristles?

The bristles of our brushes are medium stiff, which makes them ideal for excellent hygiene. They are suitable for the vast majority of people, so you should have no doubt that they will fit completely into your hygiene routine.

What is the delivery period?

We offer an express delivery service so you can enjoy your new designer toothbrush within 24-72 hours.
Please note that delivery time will vary depending on where you wish to receive your My Own toothbrushes.

How much do the shipping costs cost?

Currently we have a minimum order of a pack of products that will allow you to enjoy a totally free shipping within the peninsula.
In the case of ordering your toothbrushes from the Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, we will add 1.5€ of shipping costs, and in the case of the Canary Islands the price will be increased by 5€.
You can order your My Own toothbrushes within the European Union at a cost of 4,5€.
If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will solve all your problems.
Dare to change, dare to enjoy a My Own toothbrush.


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