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A great contribution of value that endows the product with attributes that can trigger the differentiating character, specialization and obviously quality.

A small gesture with which to change the world

Our founders created a revolutionary idea to transform the daily routine of toothbrushing into something magical, exclusive and with a great design.

Traditional toothbrushes have been a generic product, without any differentiation. Our team decided to create a small gesture with which to beautify the world, and after much thought in 2018, decided to proceed to the undertaking of this dazzling idea.


My Own

It is proof that everything can be achieved

Undoubtedly, our founders have considered that boring designs and toothbrushes were finished without illusion.

They created designs looking for inspiration in different creatives, making lines with their own personality and dazzling colors, going from a daring animal print design or even something more classic inspired by art.

From the ideas and dreams arise the best ventures and My Own is certainly proof that everything is achieved, My Own has positioned itself as one of the best companies selling toothbrushes.

Today we continue to invest in innovation and feel that any routine aspect of life can change with the right product, so in our product catalog you will also find toothpastes with unparalleled flavors and mouthwashes that will make your brushing experience a special moment.

Who are Our Founders?

Our founding cuople is the perfect union between creativity, enthusiasm and motivation, being a very important business duo.

As we think you would like to know a little more about the people who have given life to My Own toothbrushes let us to talk a little more about them:

Daniel Cárcamo and Beatriz Ferrero are the founders of My Own,those who had the idea of revolutionizing dental hygiene and who looked for a way to achieve it.

He is the illustrious Cum Laude of Dentristy, expert Director in Digital Dentistry and New Technologies,Master in Oral Surgery, and also graduated from New York University, she is an architect and designer, so they are the perfect combination to give birth to My Own.

Why Toothbrushes?

The main idea of My Own came when this couple was looking for products for their own home and wanted to fill it with color, looking for something elegant and different from what existed. Looking for different toothbrushes all the designs that existed were similar and at most the color changed.

If no one was going to do it, they would do it.

They decided to create a toothbrush that broke with the established, but that in turn was careful with the environment.

With the firm belief that life is more magical with color, they looked for inspirations to create different lines and offer a variety of styles to their customers. My Own brushes stand out for offering completely new designs, since our founders wanted to make an everyday moment something more fun. They made amazing designs that would give you that touch of distinction to brush your teeth.


Philosophy of brushing

We are not only dedicated to selling toothbrushes, we want to be part of your family, your routine, that break that makes you smile.

We put great passion into our designs, and we enjoy a lot when our customers enjoy our products and create unique moments.

Remember when your partner left their toothbrush at home? What greater commitment can you show a person that you want to continue seeing them and enjoying united moments, that is the magic in which we want to participate. We want you to enjoy our brushes, travel with them and show the world your taste for cheerful designs


Life is fun, smile

Brushing your teeth is a unique moment, to do it alone or in company, at home, at work or on your dream vacation, join the philosophy of sustainable brushing and enjoy the magic of a nice smile.

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